Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cambridge syllabus: Equal access to global certificate

SAROJINI C., Kluang, Johor

THE report "Cambridge curriculum at MARA colleges" (New Sunday Times, Aug 7) mentioned the offering of the Cambridge International General Certificate of Education in 45 MARA Junior Science Colleges by 2016.

I am thrilled at the prospect of the offering of one of the most recognised qualifications in the world but, at the same time, cannot help but wonder why such syllabus cannot be offered to government schools as well, as this appears to suggest a double standard in the education syllabus.

I understand that there may be a lack of resources to implement the syllabus on a national basis and more time may be required for such a big move.

However, at a time where debate rages over the use of English in the teaching of Maths and Science, such a move to implement the Cambridge syllabus only in the 45 MARA Junior Science Colleges suggests that there would be inequality between the education offered in MARA colleges and national schools.

As education is a basic right for every child, be it a child in a MARA college or a child in a national school, it would only be fair if the same syllabus is applied to both MARA colleges and national schools alike, be it the Cambridge syllabus or the current syllabus.

If resources are an issue, than the implementation of the Cambridge syllabus should be postponed until resources have been obtained to implement it at a national level.

Alternatively, instead of offering the Cambridge syllabus only in 45 MARA colleges, why not divide the number and implement it in half the MARA colleges and the other half in national schools, so students in MARA colleges and national schools can benefit from it.

And we citizens would feel that our taxes are being put to good use with all children having equal access to the syllabus.

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